Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr. King (Ph.D., MD, Ph.D., MBA) completed his academic career at the University of Kentucky. Dr. King’s background in plant biotechnology and biochemistry allowed him to successfully perform complicated transformation studies with specific gene targets for endogenous and exogenous expression of desired compounds. In addition, Dr. King’s industry prominence has afforded him a unique academic and empirical approach to every aspect of hemp plant cultivation, extraction, genetics, and formulation. As a member of the Advisory Council, Dr. King will lead the approach to help determine potential human therapeutic targets utilizing advanced pharmacology.

“When science is truly partnered with groups who are committed to serving public wellness, the resulting success is invaluable, and I’m truly excited with the work ahead.”


As a graduate of ETSU Bill Gatton College of Pharmacy, Brock received the Miracle Maker award, presented to a single pharmacist who demonstrated exceptional performance, which resulted in saving a patient’s life. Less than two years later, Brock was promoted to pharmacy manager of the local Walgreens and continues to serve patients in this capacity. As a pharmacist, promoting the overall health of his patients is the highest priority, and Brock’s experience in pharmacology and patient interaction has proven invaluable as a component of the brand evolution of Novel CBD.

“I became a pharmacist to help people, and being part of Novel CBD now offers the opportunity to do even more!”


Dr. Fernanda Camargo is Associate Professor of Animal and Food Sciences of the University of Kentucky. She received her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Londrina State University and her Ph.D. in the field of equine pharmacology and toxicology from the University of Kentucky. Dr. Camargo is the Chairperson of Saddle Up Safely, an initiative between the College of Agriculture, UK Health Care, and other organizations, to promote safe practice in equestrian sports.

“My passion for animals is the driving force behind a career and community outreach focused on equine wellness.”


Dr. George (Marty) Bilderback received a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (D.V.M.) from Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama. Dr. Bilderback served as a field veterinarian for Concept Diagnostics, and nn 2009, Dr. Bilderback was appointed Professor and Division Chair of Equine Studies at Midway University, Midway, Kentucky. Dr. Bilderback later taught at Asbury University, where he served as a full-time faculty member and Associate Professor of Equine Management. As an educator, Dr. Bilderback stressed academic rigor and excellence and he served on the advisory committee for accreditation for the Kentucky Horseshoeing School and an accreditation member for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

“The scientific approach to this industry is truly fascinating and I’m excited to be part of the process”


Originally from Atlanta, GA Malik is a 3rd year PharmD | MBA student at the University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy. His passion for research has earned him numerous fellowships and academic presentation opportunities at National conferences across the country. In addition, Malik was recently invited to participate in a biochemical-pharmacology study with one of the leading published research groups in the field and continues to advance his pharmacology knowledge-base through detailed research for humans and equestrian uses.

“The future of healthcare requires providers to consider products like CBD for their patient’s, and I’m happy to consult for a company at the forefront of cannabinoid science.”

Kenneth Kaplan Esq.

Kenneth S. Kaplan is the founder and Managing Partner of Kaplan Law Group, an Atlanta based Law Firm offering comprehensive legal services to emerging and mature franchise systems globally. He has been a lawyer and business executive with more than 35 years of experience in the Restaurant, Franchise, Beauty and Personal Services industries. He has extensive experience in Franchising, Branding and Intellectual Property, Strategic Planning, Domestic and International Development, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions and Dispute Resolution.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest brands in the world, and have never been more excited about the potential of an emerging brand like Novel CBD”.


As a Husband, Dad, grandfather, and business owner of more than 20 years, I’m excited to be part of the Novel CBD team. My passion for the state of Kentucky and the prospect of being a small part of the future of hemp agriculture is part of what led me to this decision. I also share the belief that living an organic lifestyle is something worth promoting, especially in an otherwise largely over-prescribed society. I was thrilled to learn the values I hold dear, are consistently in line with the overall direction of Novel CBD.

“I’m thrilled to be part of this exciting new opportunity, both for the amazing people at Novel CBD, and throughout the state of Kentucky!”