July 14, 2020

CBD is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and in similar fashion, the trends are showing up everywhere.  From CBD candy, to CBD coffee and CBD-infused pillows… it’s hard to distinguish what products are gimmicks and which ones are fundamentally based on real science.  

It’s equally important to understand where the CBD you may select was derived and how it was processed, formulated and tested?  There are so many variables, the best thing consumers can do for themselves and their families is to research the brands and be certain 100% of the products being considered are third-party tested for microbials, heavy metal and pesticides.  Remember, not all CBD is created equally, and your family deserves only the best! 

At Dwell CBD, we are committed to providing premium, Kentucky Proud, hemp-derived CBD – using the verified origin and certified chain of custody for every product we introduce.  Our third-party testing is proudly provided by KCA Labs, the #1 rated lab in the country and conveniently located right down the street in Nicholasville! 

Explore our culture and commitment to the real science behind our ultra-premium CBD!

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