Carter Oosterhouse


Carter Oosterhouse is an American television personality and model. Carter first gained national fame as a carpenter on the TLC series Trading Spaces and his new projects continue to inspire and entertain audiences of all ages.   “With all the travel and hard work on our shows, I take the dwell CBD sports cream with me and definitely feel the relief.”  @carterooster 


Brooke Hogan is an American reality television star, actress, singer-songwriter, media personality and entrepreneur.  As the daughter of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, Brooke understands the pressure of public life and she continues to focus on being a positive influence for women in entertainment and athletics. “My life has evolved so much over the last fifteen years, but the stress of life doesn’t slow me down, especially when I have my dwell CBD nearby!”  @mizzhogan
Brooke Hogan 
Hayley Harmon


Hayley Harmon is a Nashville native who now calls Lexington, KY her home. As a local ABC television personality, Hayley has captured everyone’s heart with a clever wit, beautiful smile and fresh Southern charm.  “People often think my job requires confidence and nerves of steel, but the reality is quite the opposite and dwell CBD has really changed the game for me lately…but still not sure it’s helping me cope with my co-host and his ridiculous antics!”  @hayleyharmontv 



Grant Wilson is the star and Executive Producer of the hit show Ghost Hunters on Syfy and now A&E.  As both an executive producer and paranormal investigator, Grant is faced with various types of unexplained phenomenon, but his mild temperament and cool composure always seems to ease the anxiety of those around him.  “Anxiety and restlessness are just part of this very unusual job and when the stakes are high, dwell CBD is always on hand.”  @grantswilson

Grant Wilson
Officer Ashley Smith


Officer Ashley Smith is a New York Police Officer, body builder, fitness model and social media influencer.  Whether she’s pressing barbells, chasing felons or relocating baby raccoons, Ashely loves to poke fun at her life and all the unusual situations that seem to arise.  “There is nothing normal about how I approach my work or fitness life. It’s all about pushing myself to be better, while motivating others to be the best versions of themselves, and dwell CBD has become a major part of each day and a vital part of each night.”  @officerashleysmith


Among the top female sport-rodeo equestrians in the country, Kierstyn Dunlap has become a role model for young riders, and with her horse “Jet”, Kierstyn has become a powerful and commanding force on the North American Rodeo circuit.  “Rodeo has offered me the opportunity to combine my love of animals with a natural passion for healthy competition, and dwell CBD products have become an integral part of my life in and outside the arena!” @HorseTackWorld

 Kierstyn Dunlap